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LEGACY 7 years ago
looks can be decieving she might not have been making a lot of noise like those fake ass pornstars but she was definitely enjoying what she was getting you can tell by how wet her pussy is and secondly look at her face near the end of the video she looks pretty zoned out to me.
Muh 7 years ago
If that was my chick, no way I'm pulling out.
kitty 9 years ago
nim 9 years ago
She needs new dick. He's old an played out she tired of him..
Freak-a-leak 9 years ago
It looked like it felt good but she didn't seem into it. I'm a straight female and that turned me off lol. Let it out girl. Don't hold back. He was workin her shit and she was playing dead.
Demolisher 10 years ago
I'm just saying yeah, now the girl looked real good and she has a nice butt, but she ain't really look like she felt anything from d fella, she looked kinda emotionless. It only looked like he alone was having fun, not her. This is just how it looked to me.
Spider 10 years ago
Look moron it's not about the noise. This guy is up in the pussy and his woman appears satified. This is the best part because there's no acting.
Boss Bitch 9 years ago
OMG This made me so wet
What the fuck 9 years ago
Why is this video in the anal category and there's no anal
ctfuu 9 years ago
she dont moan in.none.of her videos like wtf if that was me idda been.moanin his.dick look.goood